What Numbers Should I Play In Pick 6 Games?

Pick 6 lotto games are popular because of the size of their jackpots. Players must match six out of usually somewhere between 47 and 50 numbers. The 6/47 and 6/50 games are typical. So, how does one go about choosing his or her numbers in order to win the jackpot?

Some players will stick to the tried and true birthdates and anniversaries. You should try to avoid this. Here’s why. Using only dates on a calendar severely limits your numbers. There are only 31 days in a month and only 12 months in a year. In Pick 6 games there are several numbers over 31. Using dates, you will never choose these numbers.

The other reason to stay away from dates is that other people will continue to use them. There will be others that have the same birthdate or anniversary. If you win, they win also and you end up sharing a jackpot.

Not using important dates does not mean that you should go out and haphazardly select random numbers. What you need to do is to analyze past winning numbers and look at the frequency of certain numbers. Analyzing numbers will tune you in to what numbers are hot, those that have been drawn more often, and those that are cold, the ones that have not been drawn so much.

Studying the frequency of numbers can give you a better chance at selecting winning numbers in Pick 6 lotto games. Develop a system that you are comfortable with and put it into effect for the best results.…


How To Play Keno

One of the more popular lotto games of the day is Keno. The game has become increasingly popular as people find out more about it. Those who understand that playing games with better odds allows you to win more often will flock to Keno. The game itself, while it seems complicated, is actually pretty easy to play. It is played in a number of countries around the world, and you will find it to be a Canadian gambling choice as well as in the US and Europe too.

In most traditional lotto games, you must choose a certain set of numbers and match all of them in order to win. In Keno, players will select 10 of 80 numbers. Then, 20 of the 80 numbers are drawn. Now, as one can see, you cannot match all 20 numbers because you have only drawn 10. Winners are those who match 10 numbers to any of the 20 that have been drawn. Those that do so successfully can win the Keno jackpot. The odds of winning are roughly 1-in-2.1 million, which is much better than many other lotto games.

While many people like the fact that the odds are better when playing Keno, they also enjoy the fact that players can customize the game. Players can bet whatever amount they choose, likely between $1 and $10. The higher the bets, the more the jackpot increases. Think about the strategy you’d use on a slot machine (casino game). Your luck can be one spin away but higher bets have more chances to trigger the jackpot! If you want to check a good strategy or some tips, check topcanadiancasinogames. You can apply their tips to your Keno strategy.

Players can also customize the game by choosing to play less numbers. Instead of choosing 10 numbers, for instance, players can choose between two and nine. The odds and the prizes awards will vary depending upon the numbers that were selected. Keno also provides prizes for matching less numbers. A player who matches 7-of-20 numbers, for example, may win a smaller prize.…