Click the link below to download LottoSync 1.8.1 for Windows XP and Vista

After downloading and installing… Run the software and click “Get trial license” to receive

your 1 month evaluation license within minutes.

LottoSync v1.8 15,4 MB

IMPORTANT! For people upgrading from version 1.8.0 read the upgrade notes below:

Notes for upgrading from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1:

Due to a bug in v1.8.0 installation requires the following action:

  1. Download the Version 1.8.1 installer from our website.
  2. Run the v1.8.1 installer.  (this will install the new version, but certain parts will not update automatically)
  3. Run the v1.8.1 installer again and click remove. (your license key, forecasts, game data, etc… will not be removed by this)
  4. Run the v1.8.1 installer again.  (all parts will be updated properly now)

For future updates, this action will no longer be required.

LottoSync 1.8.1 change list :

  • When a forecast finished, in some occasions numbers were wrongly shown as 3 digit numbers. Fixed.
  • Sometimes, clearing a forecast list would not work and freeze LottoSync completely. Fixed.
  • Problem with hitting the “return” or “enter” key after entering a license code is solved.
  • In the draw history manager, dates would not line up properly when the size of the LottoSync window was decreased to it’s minimal size. Fixed.
  • Problem with improper updating of some features during upgrade installation solved. (upgrading from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1 will still require a special action though.)

System requirements list is available on the Product info page.

Important information for v1.5 to v1.7 users!

LottoSync v1.5 v1.6 v1.7 customers can request a permanent license.

Send an email with your full name and old license number to

It may take a couple of days before you receive this permanent license.

If you want to work with LS 1.8 right away… Run LottoSync with a trial license and replace the trial license with the permanent one when it expires.