• Q Is LottoSync a “(Pseudo) Random Number Generator” ?
    A No… LottoSync uses a PRNG in it’s forecast engine, but the results from the engine are by no means random.
  • Q Why is a forecast never exactly the same when I run it twice on the same draws ?
    A LottoSync forecasts are not the result of a “fixed” procedure. They vary because they are the result of millions of experiments (Monte Carlo routine based on an RNG) performed on the previous draws of your lottery. Each separate result has an increased possibility for matching several numbers (when compared with guessing or random play), but nothing forces the results to be exactly the same.
  • Q When other people are using LottoSync on the same game like I do, Will they win when I win ? Will I have to share the jackpot with other LottoSync users ?
    A Not necessarily… For the same reasons explained in the previous answer.
  • Q Do you guarantee that I will win when I use LottoSync ?
    A No… LottoSync improves your odds of winning dramaticly, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that you will win. There is still a fair share of luck involved.
  • Q Do you refund orders ? Do you have a 30 day money back guarantee ?
    A No… But we offer a 1 month free trial license (available from within the program after downloading and installing). During this 1 month period you can verify that you like our product and that it works on your computer system.
  • Q Can I buy a license that works for an unlimited period of time ?
    A No… LottoSync is no longer available as an unlimited version. (customers who bought versions before 1.8 will receive an unlimited license though)
  • Q Will I have to pay for software updates ?
    A No… Software updates are free.
  • Q Will I receive support during the 1 month trial period ?
    A Yes… You will receive support on the LottoSync user forum.
  • Q When I buy a license. Will you automaticly extend my license when it expires ?
    A No… We will not automaticly extend your license, or charge extra money.
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